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Tina Karol fueled rumors about an affair with Dan Balan

The singer opened up on the radio.

The relationship between the former coaches of the “Voice of the Country” Tina Karol and Dan Balan caused mixed reactions from the audience. Some were convinced of the romance of the artists, others did not believe their flirting. However, the singer unexpectedly stated that there were still feelings, reports with reference to.

The famous Tina Karol is in Kazakhstan as part of the promotional tour of the new album “Beautiful”. The star meets fans and gives candid interviews on TV and radio stations. The other day she appeared at the Avtoradio studio and made the most frank statement about her relationship with Dan Balan.

She said that after the scandalous confession of the producer of “The Voice of the Country” Vladimir Zavadyuk, he and Dan Balan had to “defend their feelings.” So, the artist provoked a new wave of rumors that there was an affair between them.

We had to defend our name together, defend our fans, defend our feelings. And I am glad that the whole situation was resolved and everyone understood everything. Let’s see how fate directs our heart strings
– announced Tina Karol.

After a frank confession, the artist added: “No one has heard a more specific answer.”

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The followers of the fan page of Tina Karol and Dana Balan reacted violently to the singer’s statement. They hastened to wish the celebrities happiness and advised to take care of each other:

  • “Love and sincerity won this battle with dirty hype”;
  • “Some have given up, but we have not. We believed to the last, and we waited for these words ”;
  • “Why did they hide it? They could have been together for a long time, and intrigues only destroy the relationship with gossip and negativity. Be happy and healthy, take care of each other, do not waste time ”;
  • “These feelings cannot be hidden. How glad I am for these lovers, they are made for each other. “

The scandal around the novel by Tina Karol and Dan Balan

  • In early May, at the Night of New Ideas workshop, Vladimir Zavadyuk said that the love story of the Voice of the Country star coaches Tina Karol and Dana Balan had been invented for the sake of ratings and hype. He allegedly made the artists believe that they are interesting to each other.
  • The producer quickly denied the allegation of a fake romance between Karol and Balan. Zavadyuk explained that he chose not too accurate words for the speech and publicly apologized to the singers. However, the fans didn’t believe it.
  • Subsequently, Dan Balan himself intervened in the scandal, who said that there was no affair with Tina Karol, and the audience of the Voice of the Country thought of everything themselves. However, he did not deny sympathy for the artist.
  • Tina Karol also commented on the relationship with Dan Balan and assured that their flirting under the gun of the cameras was sincere.


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