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Scientists have evaluated the effectiveness of the new “antique” flower

MOSCOW, 4 Aug. There are many substances in the world that can affect the infection at the cellular level, but not all of them are suitable for treating people, said molecular biologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences Sergei Netesov in an interview with RBC. Previously, the journal Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology published an article in which talked about the ability of the plant Nigella sativa (Chernushka sowing) to prevent the development of pulmonary infection. Scientists have suggested that the flower may be useful in treating coronavirus infection. Covid is omnipotent. Where did the flu and other seasonal infections disappear? “Until the end result – so that these substances show effectiveness in animals and in humans – reaches a maximum of one percent,” he said, stressing that such plants, supposedly effective in the fight against coronavirus, are found regularly. Infectious disease specialist and doctor of medical sciences Nikolai Malyshev, in an interview with the publication, emphasized that it is too early to talk about the beneficial properties of nigella in the context of the treatment of COVID-19. The doctor told when it is possible to donate blood to those vaccinated and ill with COVID-19 “Scientists always try to stake out their assumptions, hopes. There are now a lot of opportunities for this. If the hypothesis is confirmed, a man is on a horse. – he said. Experts advised Russians who are sick with COVID-19 not to self-medicate and follow the recommendations of doctors.


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