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SK began checking after refusing to let an autistic child into the water park

ROSTOV-ON-DON, 4 Aug. Investigative Committee of the Volgograd region began checking information that the autistic child and his family were not allowed into the water park in the city of Volzhsky, according to SUSK Russia for the region. century “in Volzhsky due to the fact that her 14-year-old son is autistic. According to her, at the entrance they were told that their child could allegedly hit someone, and visitors would be unpleasant to look at him. She stressed that their son is not at all aggressive and went to the water park with his parents. The director of the water park in Volzhsky explained why he did not let the autistic child in. “In order to clarify all the circumstances of a possible violation of the rights of a teenager on this fact, the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Volgograd Region organized a pre-investigation check. told the media and users on social networks, “- said in the message. The audit will be made a procedural decision. Earlier, the regional prosecutor's office also began an investigation into this fact. The Commissioner for Children's Rights in the region, Nina Boldyreva, told RIA Novosti that, in her opinion, there was no reason to refuse a visit to the water park to a family with an autistic child. At the same time, the director of the water park, Grigory Gazaryan, explained to the agency that he made the decision that caused a resonance for safety reasons for the child himself and those around him.


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