GENERICO.ruWorldThe Spaniard killed a concubine from Russia and tried to get rid of the corpse

The Spaniard killed a concubine from Russia and tried to get rid of the corpse

MADRID, 4 Aug. The Russian woman was killed in Spain by her partner, who then tried to get rid of the corpse, according to the newspaper Mundo. The crime was committed in the village of Rincon de la Victoria (province of Malaga, autonomous community of Andalusia), where the Russian woman lived with a 53-year-old man. A Russian woman living in Norway complained about the brutality of the authorities On Monday, the emergency services received a signal from a witness that a man was trying to shove a woman into the trunk of a car in a garage. Arriving at the scene, law enforcement officers found blood stains on the floor. They checked the videos and found that the car belonged to a man living in the village. About an hour later, a signal was received that a corpse had been found near a road in the area of the municipality of Nerja. Examination revealed that it was the corpse of a woman dressed in underwear with burns all over her body. Law enforcement officers detained the man on his way back to the same garage. A blowtorch was found in the car, with which, as the man admitted, he was trying to get rid of the corpse. According to Diario Sur, the murdered woman's name is Oksana, she lived in Spain for a long time and even received citizenship. She was 36 years old. In the department of the Civil Guard in Malaga, RIA Novosti confirmed the fact of the arrest, they also confirmed the information about the discovery of the corpse, but said they did not have information about the nationality of the victim. Since the beginning of the year, 28 women have died at the hands of their former or current partners in Spain.


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