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Interpol puts on the wanted list of the leader of the Colombian rebels Marquez

MEXICO, 4 Aug. Interpol's Colombian office and the Attorney General's Office have renewed international arrest warrants against Ivan Luciano Marquez Marina Arango, aka Ivan Marquez, a former member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and leader of the Second Marketalia rebel organization. “National Police, National Interpol Office of the Colombian Police and General At the request of the 51st Human Rights Prosecutor's Office, the country's prosecutors reopened three red circulars against a man known as Ivan Marquez on charges of aggravated murder, murder of a person under state protection, kidnapping and illegal recruitment of people, “said the director Colombian Police Jorge Luis Vargas in a statement posted on his Twitter blog. The President of Colombia accused Venezuela of sponsoring terrorism The central office of Interpol in Venezuela received a formal request to establish the whereabouts of a militant who, according to Colombian authorities, is hiding in that country, for the purpose of extradition for crimes he allegedly committed in 2001-2002. The Colombian National Police is looking for Marquez as the leader of the insurgent organization Second Marketalia. This structure is credited with drug trafficking, and Marquez himself is accused of murder, conspiracy, drug trafficking and arms trafficking. For information that will lead to the detention of Marquez, the authorities of Colombia and the United States are offering a reward of 766 thousand and 10 million US dollars, respectively. Ivan Marquez led the FARC delegation in negotiations for peace with the Colombian authorities in Havana and was one of the signers of the 2016 peace agreement. getting a seat in the Senate. He later abandoned the agreements, accusing the government of not fulfilling the peace treaty, and returned to partisan activities. In 2019, he announced the creation of a new armed group, Second Marketalia. In Venezuela, three fighters with weapons from the United States and Colombia were arrested On May 27, 1964, Colombian President Guillermo Leon Valencia ordered an attack on the Republic of Marketalia, an uncontrolled territory in the center of the country, where a group of communist peasants settled with their self-defense units. Two years later, from these self-defense forces, which continued to resist the government, the FARC was formed.


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