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Lukashenka instructs security officials to close border

MOSCOW, 5 Aug. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed the security officials to close “every meter” of the border, as the population of the republic should feel calm. “From now on, not a single foot on the territory of Belarus from the adjacent side, be it from the south or from the west, should set foot”, – The agency Sputnik Belarus quotes his words from a meeting on the situation at the border. As the agency notes, Lukashenko instructed the security forces to strengthen the work to protect the state border and prevent the facts of its violation. “How will you do this, after this meeting, we will discuss, meet with the Secretary of State. Here is the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Defense,” he added, recalling that the authorities did not in vain invested “colossal funds in the border troops and security forces.” heads of the country, Belarusians should feel calm and know that there are people ready to protect them. “The Lithuanians howled.” How Lukashenka dictated his conditions to Vilnius “This is what we must do. Elementary. God forbid, they (neighboring countries. – Ed.) Will begin to implement the tactics of expelling people whom they invited there (illegal migrants. – Ed.), through the official checkpoints. This is already … You know the consequences, they too … We warned them, and let them think, “Lukashenka said. He added that the ball is on the side of neighboring countries. “But to get to the point of killing people and throwing half-dead on our territory … Well, the Nazis and all that is to say about them,” Lukashenko said. On Wednesday, the official representative of the State Border Committee of the republic, Anton Bychkovsky, told RIA Novosti that a migrant was found on the border with Lithuania in serious physical condition, he died while providing first aid. According to the Security Council, the deceased was an Iraqi citizen. The Investigative Committee of Belarus opened a criminal case under the article “Murder”, the department noted that the fact of the violent death of a man had already been confirmed. Lithuanian Foreign Ministry accused the Belarusian authorities of the crisis with migrants


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