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Lukashenka ordered security officials to close every meter of Belarusian border

Nobody should enter Belarus from the “south or west,” Lukashenka said.

Alexander Lukashenko instructed his security officials to close “every meter” of the border of Belarus. He announced the decision today at a meeting on the situation at the border, reports with reference to.

He clarified that no one should get to Belarus from the “south or west”.

“From today, not a single foot on the territory of Belarus from the adjacent side, whether from the south or from the west, should not step,” the Belarusian leader emphasized.

According to Lukashenka, such a step is supposedly necessary to prevent neighboring countries from implementing the tactics of expelling illegal migrants through official checkpoints.

“Close every meter of the border. It was not in vain that we invested colossal funds in the border troops, in our general power structures, ”he said.

As you know, in the south Belarus borders with Ukraine, in the west – with Poland, in the north – with Lithuania and Latvia, and the eastern neighbor is Russia.

Let us remind you that Lithuania and Belarus are in conflict over the flow of illegal migrants between their countries. Lithuania accuses Belarus of allowing foreigners to pass, who then try to get into the EU.

On August 4, it became known that an illegal migrant had died on the border between the countries.

Earlier, Belarus upheld the decision to ban Ukrainians from entering its territory. However, there are exceptions to the restrictions.


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