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The immunologist told how the temperature after vaccination affects antibodies

MOSCOW, 5 Aug. Some people think that a high fever after vaccination indicates an effective immune response. How justified such an opinion is, said Nikolai Kryuchkov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, immunologist, General Director of Clinic Excellence Group, in an interview with Radio Sputnik. He noted that a fever after vaccination against coronavirus is not the only possible early post-vaccination manifestation. pain and induration at the injection site, as well as fever, general weakness and malaise, that is, the classic manifestations of ARVI. All these symptoms are associated with the activation of nonspecific immunity and the ability of the immune system to respond to such external nonspecific stimuli, “explained the immunologist. These phenomena do not directly indicate the activity of the formation of the immune response, the doctor continued. After vaccination with any of the vaccines registered in Russia, a stable level of antibodies will be formed, regardless of what the early post-vaccination manifestations were, he assured. Doctors talked about allergic reactions to vaccines against COVID-19 “If a person has been vaccinated, as they say, without a hitch, that is, without fever, and so on, then one cannot say that he will not have immunity. On the other hand, one cannot to say that if a person has been lying with a high temperature at 39 degrees for three days after vaccination, then his immune response will definitely be higher, “Kryuchkov said. And, of course, the risk of such post-vaccination manifestations should not become an obstacle to vaccination: coronavirus infection is much more dangerous, the doctor concluded. Experts assess the effectiveness of vaccines against the delta strain of coronavirus


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