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The OP urged to create a register of people affected by IT giants

MOSCOW, 5 Aug. In order for the global IT giants not to have the opportunity to influence the life of Russia, it is necessary to create a register of people and organizations affected by the “lawlessness” of bigtech and prepare class actions, said the head of the working group of the RF OP on countering the dissemination of inaccurate information, public control and Internet security Alexander Malkevich. “A good idea has come. The Public Chamber proposes to draw up a register of people and organizations most affected by the lawlessness and censorship of Bigtech. This will systematize the available information,” Malkevich said at the presentation of the updated anti-rating of social networks, which took place on Thursday at the Public Chamber. Foreign IT giants were obliged to open representative offices in Russia. He also added that the OP will help in the preparation of class actions in Russian courts, so that “life does not seem like honey to IT giants.” “You shouldn't be allowed such an obscene attitude towards yourself. Neither citizens, nor the country. And you don't need to think that bigtech cares about us, providing access to convenient services for us. Bigtech is interested in the profit they receive for advertising, they are indifferent to the interests of people.” – says Malkevich. The Foreign Ministry assessed the law obliging IT giants to open branches in Russia


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