GENERICO.ruWorldIn Togliatti, a case was brought against a man who threw a dog into a garbage chute

In Togliatti, a case was brought against a man who threw a dog into a garbage chute

SAMARA, 6 aug. The police opened a criminal case against a resident of Togliatti, who brutally beat a dog and threw it into the garbage chute. On this fact, the police began to check. As a result, the law enforcement officers identified the man mentioned in the publication, he was taken to the police department. During the survey, the man explained that he walked his dog with his family in the courtyard of the house. When they were about to go home, a strange, lost dog ran up to them, which the family decided to take with them. In the Kaliningrad region, a case was opened against a man who killed a dog According to the suspect, already in the apartment the dog bit his wife on the finger, to which he reacted aggressively, beat the animal with an iron bar, and then threw it into the garbage chute. Neighbors who witnessed the incident took the wounded dog to the veterinary clinic, where she was treated. The owner of the injured animal, in turn, turned to the police with a request to bring to justice the man who beat her dog. “The department of inquiry of OP No. 22 of the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Togliatti against a man on the grounds of a crime provided for in part 1 of Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation” Cruelty to animals “has opened a criminal case,” the statement says. maximum punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to 3 years, the suspect fully admitted his guilt. Dog handler told why dogs start to behave strangely


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