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Roskachestvo told how to choose and eat a melon correctly

MOSCOW, 6 Aug. A ripe and tasty melon can be bought not only at the end of summer, but it is better to eat it in the first half of the day, the press service of Roskachestvo told RIA Novosti. “In general, ripe melon can be recognized by its characteristic melon aroma, although there are varieties of melons that are almost or The aroma is also worth paying attention to in order to determine if the melon is overripe: an overripe fruit often develops a characteristic “wine” smell, ”the press service reported. remains, then, most likely, the melon is overripe. A mesh or stripes should be clearly visible on the surface – if their presence is typical for this species. Melons are usually not chosen by the sound of a slap or click, but this is acceptable for varieties with thick skin: a ripe melon should have a dull sound. “The melon contains a lot of glucose, so it is better to eat it in the first half of the day – for example, for lunch or in the afternoon as a dessert. The optimal portion is 200-300 grams at a time,” the press service said. Melon should not be overused: it is rich in fiber, which in excess can have a laxative effect. The agronomist told how to buy a watermelon without nitrates How to store For long-term storage, it is better to choose slightly unripe fruits, with a hard crust without damage. Ideal conditions are dark and cool, on a soft surface. In room conditions, a whole melon can be stored for about a week, but it should be kept away from direct sunlight and heating devices so as not to accelerate the ripening process. The cut melon can only be stored in the refrigerator. If individual pieces are placed in a container with a tight lid or covered with cling film, they may not spoil for up to three days. “Melon slices can be frozen – in this form, the pulp can be stored for up to a year at minus 18 degrees,” the press service added. The doctor told me which berries should not be eaten


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