GENERICO.ruWorldTaliban have entered the capital of the southwestern province of Afghanistan, source said

Taliban have entered the capital of the southwestern province of Afghanistan, source said

KABUL, 6 Aug. Militants of the radical Taliban movement * (recognized as terrorist in Russia and prohibited) entered the city of Zaranj, the administrative center of the Nimroz province in southwestern Afghanistan near the border with Iran, a local source told RIA Novosti. According to him, the Taliban have already captured most of the city … In turn, the Afghan TV channel Tolo News published on its Twitter account footage showing how armed people in Zaranj “are engaged in plundering public property.” A road passes through Zaranj that connects it with the city of Zabol in the Iranian provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan. The previously indicated TV channel reported that the Taliban entered the city of Shibergan, the administrative center of the Jowzjan province in northern Afghanistan. Government forces are fighting against the Taliban, on the outskirts of the city they killed about 40 militants, the Afghan Ministry of Defense reported. Russian special forces have recaptured the settlement from the “militants” near Afghanistan. The confrontation between the government forces and the Taliban has been going on for several years in Afghanistan. In recent months, the Taliban have seized large swaths of rural and border areas and launched attacks on major cities. The escalation is taking place against the backdrop of the withdrawal of American troops, which the Russian Foreign Ministry called recognition of the failure of Washington's mission in Afghanistan. In 2020, Washington and representatives of the Taliban * signed in Doha the first peace agreement in more than 18 years of war. It provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 14 months and the beginning of an inter-Afghan dialogue after the exchange of prisoners. However, these negotiations have not yet progressed beyond a few “set-up” meetings. * Terrorist organization banned in Russia

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