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The psychologist spoke about three pain points that scammers put pressure on

MOSCOW, 6 Aug. In an attempt to take possession of other people's money, scammers try to find the weak points of potential victims. Psychologist Anastasia Lysakova told the Sputnik radio station about the “pain points” of Russians, which the crooks are trying to pressure. … For women, this is the desire to start a family. “Divorced women and women over 35 or 40 years old are often invited to wedding and marriage agencies, which are fake. They have one goal – this is profit, not solving a woman's problem,” – said the psychologist. Anastasia Lysakova, for Russian men the main “pain point” is the financial issue. Many of them lose the ability to reason well when they are asked to make good money. There are a lot of types of scams, when scammers promise victims an unprecedented high return on investment. The Central Bank told how to respond to calls from scammers “Many want easy and quick money. That is why the main category of citizens who become addicted to games (gambling. – Ed.) Are men. This is also one of the areas fraud, “- explained the psychologist. One of the main concerns for older men and women, the psychologist continued, is the state of health. And the crooks are actively using this. “They allegedly call from a medical clinic and say that they have discovered some kind of disease. Scammers claim that if you buy an expensive drug from them, then everything will be curable. Many are ready to give the last,” Lysakova added. explained that the most reliable way to protect yourself from psychological pressure from fraudsters is to take a break from the conversation and think carefully about everything. If you are asked to immediately make a decision that requires financial investment, then it is almost certainly a scam. In a calm environment, you will most likely see this clearly, the specialist noted. The condition for the return of the money stolen by fraudsters by the bank to the client has been named


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