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WHO head warned of “period of real danger” for humanity

MOSCOW, 5 Aug. Humanity is now in real danger due to the spread of coronavirus infection, despite the success in vaccination, said WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus. “Thanks to the development of vaccines in record time, we have made great progress. “, – said Gebreyesus. The text of his speech is published on the website of the organization. The White House commented on WHO's call for a moratorium on revaccination As the head of the WHO explained, an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 is caused by the fact that people cease to comply with restrictions on social contacts, health systems are working inconsistently, and the rate of vaccination is uneven. On the eve of Ghebreyesus also called for a temporary moratorium on revaccination until the end of September. According to WHO estimates, the world remains a global inequality in access to vaccines against COVID-19, and in poorer countries are fully vaccinated or received at least one dose of much less people than in more affluent, where vaccines are made and governments have started talking about revaccination.


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