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Afghanistan reports on liquidation of Taliban “shadow governor”

KABUL, 7 Aug The Afghan military said it had killed Abid Mawlawi, considered the Taliban's “shadow governor” * in Nimroz province in the southwest of the republic. 275 terrorists. In turn, Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf Ahmadi denied this information to RIA Novosti. On Friday, it became known about the seizure of the Taliban city of Zaranj, the capital of the province of Nimroz. It was noted that the militants also occupied the city's airport and government offices. According to Taliban officials *, members of the group have occupied the governor's house, police headquarters, intelligence and related buildings. Pakistan has declared that it is not a springboard for an attack on Afghanistan In recent months, militants have taken over large areas in rural and border areas and launched attacks on major cities. The escalation is taking place against the backdrop of the withdrawal of American troops, which Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called recognition of the failure of Washington's mission in Afghanistan. In 2020, Washington and the Taliban * signed in Doha the first peace agreement in more than 18 years of war. It provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 14 months and the beginning of an inter-Afghan dialogue after the exchange of prisoners. However, these negotiations have not yet progressed beyond a few “set-up” meetings. * Terrorist organization banned in Russia. US threatens Taliban with isolation in case of seizure of power in Afghanistan


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