GENERICO.ruWorldIn Yakutia, a riding fire reached the village of Byas-Kyuel

In Yakutia, a riding fire reached the village of Byas-Kyuel

YAKUTSK, 7 Aug Due to the gusty wind, the fire of a crown fire reached the village of Byas-Kyuel of the Gorny region in the central part of Yakutia, farm buildings of the villagers caught fire, according to the operational headquarters of the republic. On Saturday, users of social networks distributed a video of how a forest fire spreads to buildings in the village of Byas-Kyuel. “Because of the strong strengthening of the wind, the canopy fire spread across the mineralized strip to the outbuildings in the village of Byas-Kyuel of the Gorny Ulus, located near the forest. Yesterday, due to the alleged threat of an overhead fire, those wishing to leave the village were resettled. Measures are being taken to protect houses,” – told in the headquarters. Later in the headquarters they announced the beginning of the evacuation of the inhabitants of the village due to the transition of the fire to the buildings. “The fire has entered the territory of the settlement because of the gusty wind, buildings are starting to burn. Eight fire engines, water transport equipment are working. I ask the residents of the settlement to head towards the school for subsequent evacuation,” said the head of the district Nikita Andreev, a video with his statement posted operational headquarters. Windy weather complicates the situation with forest fires in Yakutia. Putin named the regions most affected by wildfires


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