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Modern and many quads: junior skaters lit up at test skates

MOSCOW, 6 Aug -, Alisa Kalinina. It's hot again in the world of figure skating. While the core of the Russian national team is preparing for the upcoming Olympic season, young skaters are already eager to fight. At the test skates in Novogorsk, the juniors presented new programs and took the first steps to loudly declare themselves. There were both experienced participants and those whom we did not expect to see among them. Modern from a figure skater-artist. The performances of the figure skater-artist Mark Kondratyuk deserve special attention. The athlete, whom Maxim Trankov called “our Russian underground”, again surprised by the choice of musical compositions. In the short program, Mark skated to the soundtrack from the famous Turkish TV series “The Magnificent Century. Empire of Kesem”, in the free program, the skater presented his own version of the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”. According to Kondratyuk, he took an active part in drafting programs. It is not surprising that the numbers came out original, they show a special author's position – Mark brought his philosophy to them, which is why these stories became deeply personal. So, in the short program, the influence of the skater's neo-expressionist views is felt, moreover, this is reflected in the choreography – the symbol of the clock, the movement of the hands of which the athlete depicts with his hands, definitely migrated into dance from Mark's artwork. It is not for nothing that the last personal exhibition of the skater is dedicated to the duality of life and the inviolability of time and bears the telling name “Ouroboros”.


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