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Potap took away: Nastya Kamensky was criticized for reasoning about the family

Fans did not appreciate the singer's revelations.

The popular Ukrainian star, charming and talented singer, successful and unique Nastya Kamenskikh touched the audience with warm shots. She showed a picture with family members and addressed the public.

Nastya Kamenskiz published the corresponding publication on her Instagram page.

“I grew up in a very kind, caring, fulfilling and loving family! Family for me will always come first. And our smiles, travels and impressions are the most unforgettable moments in life! Now it will be written in a very standard way, but appreciate, love and protect each other, ”the successful Ukrainian singer signed the publication.

A multi-million audience, subscribed to the star's page, is watching Nastya's personal life with particular interest. Followers did not forget to remind themselves and left a lot of responses under the singer's picture.

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“Hmm .. she herself grew up in a full-fledged family in love and care, and Potapa was taken away from the family and now his child is not in a full-fledged family and care. There is a good proverb, don't ruin where you didn't build. “,” It is very valuable and important when there are worthy examples of growing up in a full-fledged family, to see normal healthy relationships between mom and dad is the best that can be for any person “,” Nastya Thank you for broadcasting your warmth and love to us. ”,“ Another important post, and it’s true that I’m very happy in my life and I’m going to be on the first place ”,“ Potap has such a normal puzelnik, ”the users of the social network leave their comments.


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