GENERICO.ruWorldThe expert did not rule out the possibility of the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan

The expert did not rule out the possibility of the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan

MOSCOW, August 7. The Afghan government army is currently betting on the creation of popular militias, whose leaders are well-known politicians, but these units are unlikely to be more combat-ready than the army, it is possible that in the near future the confrontation in Afghanistan will end with the victory of the Taliban, the head of the Eurasian Republic told RIA Novosti. analytical club Nikita Mendkovich. Media: US sent bombers to Afghanistan to fight Taliban The Taliban * on Saturday said they had taken control of Nimroz province in southwestern Afghanistan and Jowzjan in northern Afghanistan. On Twitter, a spokesman for the movement said that the capital of Jowzjan, Shibergan, where battles with government troops were fought, came under the control of the movement. At the same time, a day earlier, the Afghan Defense Ministry announced that Shibergan had been cleared of the Taliban. Local TV channel Tolo News, citing sources, also reported that Shibergan had come under the control of militants. According to him, after the seizure by the Taliban, a number of television and radio stations stopped broadcasting in the city. Earlier, local media announced the seizure of the city of Zaranj, the capital of Nimroz province by the Taliban. “Now in Afghanistan, since the army trained by the Americans turned out to be completely incapable of fighting, they are trying to rely on mobilizing the masses, on creating militias. Their leaders are well-known local politicians, including (Marshal and former vice-president of the country Abdul-Rashid) Dostum and a number of other figures in other regions. On the one hand, this made it possible to attract a certain number of people “under arms.” there is an offensive and, apparently, at least it will not be easy to stop it. I even suspect that, most likely, the war will end with the victory of the Taliban in the near future, “Mendkovich said. He noted that, on the one hand, the Taliban leadership proclaims its unwillingness to carry out reprisals against ordinary employees of the state apparatus, and on the other hand, in the territories already occupied by the Taliban, there were “numerous examples of reprisals against officials, especially members of the security forces.” The head of the Afghan government's information center was killed near the Russian embassy “For example, representatives of the local police leadership and even their families were executed in Spin-Boldak. Therefore, the question arises about the degree of control of the leadership of the movement over rank-and-file field commanders and the degree of brutality of the Taliban fighters,” the expert explained. “It is no secret that government troops also often resorted to extrajudicial killings, and often we have mutual bitterness in this internecine war,” Mendkovich noted. In Afghanistan, the confrontation between government forces and the Taliban has continued for several years. In 2020, Washington and the Taliban signed the first agreement in more than 18 years of war in Doha. about the world. provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 14 months and the beginning of an inter-Afghan dialogue after the exchange of prisoners. However, these negotiations have not yet progressed beyond a few “set-up” meetings. * Terrorist organization banned in Russia


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