GENERICO.ruWorldIn Italy, 70-year-old "Bloody Mary" was arrested: she led the mafia

In Italy, 70-year-old “Bloody Mary” was arrested: she led the mafia


The police detained her while checking in her baggage.

In Italy, they arrested Maria Licciardi , who, according to law enforcement officers, leads a criminal clan from a large criminal group Camorra – a Neapolitan structure, which is similar to the mafia, reports with reference to.

The detention took place at the Rome airport, from where the 70-year-old woman was about to fly to Spain. The police arrested her while checking in her baggage. At this moment, she remained completely calm.

Licciardi, according to the anti-mafia department, was the head of the crime family, which was founded by her brother Gennaro, nicknamed “The Monkey .” He died in prison. Licciardi also spent eight years in prison, and in 2009 took the reins of the clan, where she earned the nicknames “Baby” and “Bloody Mary”.

Her clan engaged in racketeering, illegal trade, auction fraud and money laundering . But he had no conflicts with other groups to avoid bloody mafia wars.

Interestingly, while managing the clan's cashier, the woman provided support to the families of the mafiosi who were behind bars. She also managed to establish such a clear control over her area.


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