GENERICO.ruWorldIn the Svobodnensky district of the Amur region, an emergency regime was announced

In the Svobodnensky district of the Amur region, an emergency regime was announced

ANNUNCIATION, 8 Aug An emergency regime was introduced in the Svobodnensky region of the Amur region, where the level of the Zeya river exceeded the “adverse event” mark and, according to forecasts, may reach a dangerous level on August 10-11, the regional government reports. “An emergency regime has been introduced in the Svobodnensky region. As of August 8 the water level in the Zeya River at the gauging station in the village of Malaya Sazanka rose by 21 cm and reached 919 cm. The mark “unfavorable phenomenon” was exceeded by 19 cm. The water level is predicted to rise to marks of 950-1050 cm on August 10-11. “It will be reached when the water level rises to 970 cm,” the government of the Amur Region reports. It is noted that the water entered the villages of the Svobodnensky District, six household plots were partially flooded. “In the village of Bardagon, two houses, 6 household plots are flooded. The road at the entrance to the village of Zagan is flooded, travel here is currently impossible,” the authorities add. In total, according to the government of the Amur Region, on August 8, 183 residential houses were flooded in the region by floods (most of all in the Belogorsk urban district – 67 houses, an emergency regime is in force here), water entered 1450 household plots, 36 sections of highways were partially flooded, without a car connection 25 settlements remain. The region has deployed three temporary accommodation points (TAPs) for the evacuated population and prepared 21 TAPs with a capacity of up to 944 people in case the situation worsens. During this summer, the Amur Region is experiencing a second wave of flooding, this time caused by heavy rains. The damage from the first wave of flood, according to the regional governor Vasily Orlov, amounted to 6.3 billion rubles. The Ministry of Emergency Situations reported about the threat of flooding of thousands of houses in the Far East


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