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Nutritionists have warned of the cons of low-fat foods

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Diet foods are not a panacea.

The dietitian told why you should not give up conventional products in favor of those with a low fat content, reports with reference to.

It is fashionable

Today it is fashionable to think about your health, go on diets and ask waiters in detail about the calorie content of the dishes they offer. Low-fat foods are among the popular foods. For example, cottage cheese, cheese and so on.

However, such an imbalance in nutrition is not entirely beneficial for the body. Gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova explained in detail why you should not completely switch to a “low-fat diet”.

Think seven times, once – sing

First of all, “reconfiguring” your own diet can lead to a banal overeating. Indeed, low-fat foods have less calories, and the body's needs do not change. Therefore, people who have allegedly gone over to the side of a healthy lifestyle are trying to make up for the calorie deficit by focusing on the amount of their favorite foods. And instead of 150 grams of ordinary cottage cheese, they easily eat 300-400 grams of fat-free.

Moreover, some citizens believe that if the product contains fewer calories, then you can enjoy it without restrictions. However, it is not.

“If a product is low-fat or low-fat, this does not mean that it can be eaten from morning to evening,” warns Dianova.

What is the danger of “dietary” cottage cheese?

With the uncontrolled eating of “almost useful” products, according to the doctor, you can oversaturate your body with completely non-useful substances. For example, various food additives. Manufacturers add them in huge quantities to low-fat products, since the “improved” product loses not only calorie content, but also the usual taste and consistency.

By the way, in some cases producers replace natural animal fats with vegetable ones. And they contain a lot of very unhealthy trans fats.

– If the product is fat-free, it means that they were “conjured over it,” Dianova is sure.

According to her, manufacturers can easily and generously add sugar, salt, starch, flavor enhancers to such “dietary” products. And if you eat them often and for a long time, then health problems (first of all, with the gastrointestinal tract) are practically guaranteed.


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