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The expert warned of a new trick of banking fraudsters

MOSCOW, 8 Aug. Fraudsters are increasingly using a fraudulent scheme with allegedly pre-approved loans. How it works and how to protect yourself, information security specialist, head of the CyberMoscow project Grigory Pashchenko told Sputnik radio . The essence of the scheme, he explained, is that potential victims receive fake messages about pre-approved or already issued loans. and then the scammers call on behalf of the bank's security service or the prosecutor's office. “First, you may receive a message on your phone that a loan has been approved for you, or” you have a loan approved, thank you for already cashed out 20% of it, “for example. After that, there will be a call allegedly from a bank employee, and you will be informed that a loan was taken in your name, the operation seemed suspicious to the bank, but a certain amount was already cashed, “said Grigory Pashchenko. After that, he continued, you will be offered, under the control of the alleged bank employee, to carry out the cancellation loan using your personal data. Thus, this data will be in the hands of cybercriminals. You may also receive a call on behalf of the prosecutor's office staff, saying that an illegal loan has been issued for you, which is now material evidence. At the same time, you will be prompted to transfer your own money to a special account. The information security specialist warned that you do not need to follow any instructions from the callers. Neither banks nor the prosecutor's office have the authority to work in this way with clients of financial institutions. “If you receive a call supposedly from the security service of a bank, specify which bank it is, hang up and call back yourself. The best option is not to answer at all. to calls from numbers that you do not know, “the information security expert concluded in an interview with Sputnik radio. Russians warned of a new type of fraud


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