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Zhirinovsky lost his pants during a stormy performance. Video

The politician saved his pants from falling, and the public from an unpleasant sight.

The odious Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky was embarrassed on the air. His pants fell off during the election debate, reports with reference to.

Zhirinovsky pretended that nothing had happened

The moment the pants fell off the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party hit the screens of viewers of federal television. Then he just criticized the communists and Vladimir Putin.

Fortunately, the politician quickly held up his pants and people did not have to see him naked. He did not react at all to the incident, but continued to speak further.

By the way, the day before the main liberal-democrat of Russia was embarrassed at a rally of his party. He decided to appear in the carriage. However, Zhirinovsky's plan was not realized, because the horses refused to carry him.

The politician waved his hands indignantly at the animals for several minutes, and only after that did the unfortunate move on. Subsequently, it turned out that Zhirinovsky was actually waving to the audience to lower the flags, which the horses allegedly scared.