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Land in Ukraine will rise in price: which plots are in greatest demand

What to expect from land prices in the coming years.

Land in Ukraine will rise in price by an average of 20% annually. Today, the average cost of a hectare of land in regions where there is a high demand for plots (Poltava, Sumy and Chernigov) is $ 1200- $ 1250. It is predicted that in five years the price tag will rise to $ 2,200 per hectare.

Thus, Ukrainians are urged not to rush to part with their land, but to wait several years until its value increases. Now the demand for land exceeds supply. People are happy to invest money in land, realizing that this is a reliable investment. Land owners, in turn, are in no hurry to sell it, and more often lease it, because it is still more profitable. The rent for 1 hectare of land is approximately $ 200, that is, for 10-15 hectares you can get from $ 2000 to $ 3000 per year. This price will rise every year.

The land market in Ukraine opened later than in other Eastern European countries. Compared with their experience, in the first four years after the opening of the market, the increase in the value of land plots was 20% annually. This scenario is also being considered in Ukraine.

Now an individual who is a citizen of Ukraine can become the owner of a land plot in our country. From 2024, access to land will open for legal entities as well.