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“That guy downstairs”: Joe Biden was embarrassed by a bad memory. Video

The confusion got on the camera.

US President Joe Biden probably forgot the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during the videoconference.


US President Joe Biden, during a virtual meeting to discuss the AUKUS security pact between the three countries, called Scott Morrison “that guy below” after he addressed his British counterpart Boris Johnson by name.

US President Joe Biden appeared to forget the Australian prime minister's name during a virtual meeting

Instead he referred to Scott Morrison as “'that fellow down under”

– BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld)


The United States, Britain and Australia have agreed on a defense and security partnership – AUKUS, under which Australia will build nuclear powered submarines for the first time in history.

Air Force analysts explain that Australia and its allies are worried about the growing military presence of China in the Indo-Pacific region.

As part of the AUKUS partnership, Australia will receive nuclear submarine technology from its allies and will become the seventh country in the world to have such a fleet.

The PRC Embassy in Washington called on the alliance members to abandon the Cold War mentality.