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Joe Biden scared Americans with a regular cough. Video

The White House says there is no cause for concern.

In recent weeks, social networks have been increasingly discussing the cough that constantly accompanies the speeches of Joe Biden, the 78-year-old president of the United States. However, the White House assures: there is no reason to worry, reports with reference to.

US President's spokeswoman Jen Psaki, during her briefing, noted that Joe Biden's frequent cough should not be a cause for concern.

The causes of coughing can vary.

The spokeswoman said that during his work trips, the American leader is constantly accompanied by a personal doctor. He regularly reviews the president.

There are many different reasons for coughing. For example, just to clear your throat. Or a cough occurs with a minor cold,
– emphasized Jen Psaki.

She noted that in the near future, Joseph Biden plans to undergo a full medical examination. After that, the journalists will be informed of its results.

Biden's cough at a glance

In recent weeks, he has become an increasingly frequent companion to the American president. Almost every of his performances is accompanied by frequent coughing.

This sparked a lot of discussion on social media. In particular, there are supporters of theories about the American leader's fatal illness.