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SpaceX space tourists have returned to Earth. Video

The ship's capsule landed on the ocean as scheduled. H

Crew Dragon spacecraft, crewed by four civilians for the first time, splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida on Sunday night, September 19. The broadcast was conducted on the SpaceX Twitter page.

According to the company, the return went on schedule – the ship's capsule landed on the ocean by parachutes at 19:06 US East Coast time (02:06 Kyiv time). A few hours earlier, the crew of the ship, as part of the commercial mission Inspiration4, donned spacesuits and began preparations for the descent.

About an hour before the descent, the Crew Dragon's engines were automatically turned on, which allowed it to reduce the altitude of the orbit. At about 19:00 (02:00 Kiev time) the ship entered the dense layers of the atmosphere, after a couple of minutes its main parachutes were released. At 19:08 (02:08 Kyiv time) the host of the broadcast confirmed the splashdown of Crew Dragon.

Splashdown! Welcome back to planet Earth,!

– SpaceX (@SpaceX)

As you know, the spacecraft stayed in orbit for about three days. At this time, the crew members were conducting scientific work, several times took part in sessions of direct communication with the Earth and admired the views of the planet from an orbit with an altitude of 575 kilometers. To this end, the Crew Dragon ship was specially modernized and equipped with a transparent dome that opens up a panoramic view.

Look at our Mission Specialist capturing pictures from orbit through Dragon's cupola!

We can't wait to see the crew's photos and how they will inspire the world to look up to the stars.

– Inspiration4 (@ inspiration4x)

SpaceX's first tourists were 29-year-old doctor from Children's Hospital in Memphis Hayley Arsenault, 51-year-old geology professor Cyanne Proctor, 41-year-old Lockheed Martin aerospace corporation Christopher Sembroski, and 38-year-old American billionaire Jared Isaacman, who owns a payment service for restaurants and hotels Shift4 Payments. It was he who paid, without disclosing the amount, all four places on the ship.

Inspiration4's mission is charitable and aims to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, specializing in childhood cancers.