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Zlata Ognevich confessed whether she managed to find love on the “Bachelor”

The girl came to the post-show “How to get married”.

Singer Zlata Ognevich , the main character of the second season of the reality TV “Bachelor”, became the main guest of the post-show “How to Get Married”. She shared some details of her personal life with the man she met on the project.

“When I was just starting this project, I had doubts whether I would be able to meet the man of my dreams, whether I would be able to feel love. Succeeded!” – said Zlata.

The real discovery for her, Bachelor admitted, was that everything is happening for real. “Everything is real here, there is no scenario, I never know what we will have on a date, what emotions will be and how men will behave. Never in my life has there been anything more beautiful than the time spent on the “Bachelor” project. It was romantic, incredible, wonderful, extreme, so many extreme dates that made me happy. “

The host of the project, Grigory Reshetnik, asked if all the surprises were pleasant. “Not all of them,” Zlata admitted. – But I told the men about it right away. I discovered in myself that you don't need to adapt to a man in a relationship, but you just need to be yourself. If this is my man, she will accept me and will love the way I am. “

And most importantly, Zlata confessed: she found love on the project! And she and her chosen one have many plans for the future. “We are going to go on a bright journey, but I do not know where, it will be a surprise for me. He says I will be incredibly impressed. Yes, we are thinking about living together, getting to know each other.

Now a relationship without cameras is starting, and there will be a lot of interesting discoveries. I know that there will be different moments, but I am ready for this, and I know that wisdom, love, support are the main things. “