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  5. The destroyed Donetsk airport was shown in a fresh video

The destroyed Donetsk airport was shown in a fresh video

The airport was destroyed after fighting in 2014.

On the site of the airport named after Sergei Prokofiev in the occupied Donetsk, only ruins remain. The former airfield is falling into disrepair, like many other structures in the territory controlled by the militants, reports with reference to.

The corresponding video was shown on the eve of the network. The airport was destroyed after the fighting in 2014 and now has a deplorable appearance.

What Donetsk Airport looks like in 2021

The footage published by eyewitnesses shows that every year the airport building is being destroyed more and more. The building is falling apart more and more, to which the invaders obviously do not pay attention.

At the beginning of the video, the author clarified that the footage was shot in 2021. When exactly is unknown, but judging by the sunny weather and cloudless sky, it is said about the summer months or the beginning of autumn.

The most important thing about the battles for Donetsk airport

  • Fighting for Donetsk airport continued from September 2014 to January 22, 2015. Ukrainian defenders held the airfield for 242 days. For endurance and courage they were called “cyborgs”.
  • The fighting ended only when the occupants destroyed the airport building itself. Russian mercenaries blew up the new terminal, and concrete floors and ceilings in many sections collapsed.
  • The “Book of Memory of those who died for Ukraine” says that during the defense of Donetsk airport, 100 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, and about 500 were injured.