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The Perm shooter opened fire even before he burst into the university. Video

The attacker fired a shot at the car.

Perm attacker Timur Bekmansurov started shooting even before he burst into the university. He opened fire on the car, reports with reference to.

The cars were driving along the road when the attacker ran out from the side and started shooting. One of the cars even had a cracked windshield.

Then the cars moved on, and the attacker fled. Probably then he ran to the university. The corresponding video was published on the network.

Shooting in Perm: what is known

  • At Perm University on September 20, 18-year-old Timur Bekmansurov opened fire on people.
  • Unfortunately, 6 people died. Another 24 were injured. In an attempt to escape, students jumped out of windows or barricaded themselves in the classroom.
  • It is important that the day before Bekmansurov bragged about his plans on the Internet. He admitted that he had been collecting money for weapons since the 10th grade. By the way, his mother also said that his son had long dreamed of buying a gun.
  • According to his mother, the guy was calm, but did not like people.
  • Bekmansurov was going to attack the school in which he once studied. At the same time, he later changed his mind. He stated that he did not want to spend the last minutes of his life there.
  • Bekmansurov was seriously wounded, so the shooter is now in intensive care.
  • The arrow in the hospital is guarded by about 18 police officers and riot police.