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Quad Countries May Host Pandemic Exercise in 2022

NEW DELHI, 25 SEP Australia, India, Japan and the United States, which are part of the Quad format, may conduct exercises to combat the pandemic in 2022, according to a joint statement following the summit of country leaders. oversight so that we can accelerate our efforts to end this pandemic and improve health security. We are committed to achieving shared global goals to help vaccinate the world, save lives now and improve recovery, including by strengthening global funding for health security and political leadership. ” – noted in the statement. Quad countries want to produce billions of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2022 “Our countries will also hold a joint pandemic preparedness meeting or exercise in 2022,” the statement said. , Australia and Japan, took place on Friday at the White House. As reported, among the topics discussed by the leaders of the countries – overcoming the coronavirus pandemic and economic recovery, infrastructure projects, combating climate change, cooperation in space and cyberspace, educational exchanges. The Quad format was initiated in 2007 by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as an informal consultative mechanism of four countries sharing the values of a free and open Indo-Pacific region. The demand for the format has increased with the aggravation of the contradictions between the United States and China. Scientists explain why the pandemic cannot be stopped


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