GENERICO.ruWorldThe head of the Amur region said that it is necessary to accelerate vaccination against COVID-19

The head of the Amur region said that it is necessary to accelerate vaccination against COVID-19

ANNUNCIATION, 25 SEP. The Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov said that the situation with the incidence of COVID-19 in the region is serious and it is necessary to speed up vaccination as much as possible. From experience, we can say that it will grow in our country. With the onset of cold weather, an additional “overlap” of seasonal ARVI and influenza will begin. Everything possible must be done to minimize the risks. Now vaccination of residents of the region against coronavirus as soon as possible is becoming our main task, we must focus on this in the first place, “- said Orlov, he is quoted by the government of the Amur region. Now in the Amur Region, according to the authorities, 57.3% of the plan is vaccinated from COVID-19 (on average in Russia – 49.7% ). The second vaccination in the region managed to deliver 47.2% of the vaccination plan. “At the same time, medical workers are vaccinated at 99.1% of the plan, educational workers – 95.2%, social workers – 95%. Residents of the region over 60 years old are vaccinated for 47% of the plan. The re-vaccination of doctors is underway in the region, “the authorities note. The biologist spoke about the control over the spread of coronavirus With reference to the Minister of Health of the Amur Region Svetlana Leontyeva, it is reported that there is no shortage of vaccine in the region. In the near future, the Amur region will receive another 33 thousand doses of the drug. “At the same time, there is a decrease in the rate of vaccination, including re-vaccination. Especially low rates are in Tyndinskaya, Mazanovskaya, Romnenskaya and Magdagachinskaya hospitals. The rates of vaccination among students of Blagoveshchensk universities are also unsatisfactory,” adds Government of the Amur Region. You can get vaccinated against COVID-19 at any clinic in the Amur Region. In Blagoveshchensk, vaccination is also carried out at mobile points that work in the evenings in large shopping centers of the city, and in the near future, the work of mobile medical teams will be organized at sites in different districts of Blagoveshchensk. There are almost no vaccinated among the dead from coronavirus, Popova said


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