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Do not enter – we will kill

Valentina Chupik

On the night of September 25, at the Sheremetyevo airport, Valentina Chupik, head of the Tong Jahoni human rights organization, was detained. Chupik is the main defender of all labor migrants in Moscow and, in general, in Russia: for many years it was she who was running around the police stations with might and main and pulling out visitors, on whom the security forces hung sometimes non-existent offenses. In addition, Valentina from morning till night provided legal assistance to everyone: almost any migrant from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan knows her phone number. Now Chupik herself needed help: the FSB handed her a paper stating that Valentina was banned from entering the country until 2051 on the basis that she was living with fake refugee documents. Chupik managed to send these papers to the Novaya Gazeta correspondent, after which the connection with her was interrupted, and it is not known where she is at the moment.

Chupik herself hails from Uzbekistan, but was forced to flee from there in 2005 after the events in Andijan, when the insane dictator Karimov shot the protesters: Valentina then also suffered, she, according to her own words, was tortured by the employees of the National Security Service.

Taking refuge in Moscow, Chupik created an organization to help migrants, which in more than a decade has become a bone in the throat of the Russian security forces.

(first of all – from the Ministry of Internal Affairs). The human rights activist, among other things, sharply criticized the bills adopted in the country related to labor migrants, especially the latest version of the federal bill on migration, which is now being worked on in the government (Novaya wrote in detail about it: the developers of the document are the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the law completely changes the system of relations between Russia and labor migrants, cutting off the disloyal and, in fact, returning the visa regime).


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