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Stoltenberg and Borrell held talks with the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo

BRUSSELS, 26 Sep. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg held telephone talks with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti amid growing tensions between Serbs and the Kosovar authorities. “It is vital for Belgrade and Pristina to show restraint and return to dialogue,” Soltenberg wrote on Twitter Following the talks, he recalled that the task of the NATO-led KFOR international contingent continues to ensure a safe and calm environment, as well as freedom of movement for all. on their responsibility for the safety and well-being of the local population. “Kosovo and Serbia must find solutions to defuse the situation, agree on further actions. The EU will actively support such efforts,” Borrell said in a written statement. Vucic told why Serbia will not join the European Union Last Saturday, the head of the European Council Charles Michel called on the parties to the conflict in Kosovo to take measures to de-escalate the situation and respond to calls for negotiations under the auspices of the European Union. In particular, he advocated the withdrawal of the special forces of the Kosovo police and the removal of the barricades. Michel also urged the parties to continue negotiations in accordance with the proposal of the EU Special Representative for the negotiations of Belgrade and Pristina Miroslav Lajcak. lines between central Serbia and the autonomous province. There, as well as at the Brnjak checkpoint on the road from Kosovska Mitrovica to Novi Pazar and at two other points in the north of Kosovo, fighters of the ROSU, a subdivision of the Kosovo Interior Ministry, were stationed. According to the Serbian leadership, the Kosovo special forces entered the north of the region with 350 soldiers, 20 armored vehicles and snipers. Local media on Friday posted a video of Mi-35 helicopters flying in the area near the Yarine checkpoint from central Serbia, and MiG-29 fighters were also seen in the sky on Saturday. Interior Minister and ex-Defense Minister Alexander Vulin said on Saturday that helicopters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Serbian army are flying around the area adjacent to the administrative line, the country's security forces are ready to respond to the escalation of violence, but will do everything to avoid conflict. The Foreign Ministry called the incident with Russian journalists in Kosovo outrageous Kosovo police earlier fired several tear gas bombs at those gathered at the Brnjak checkpoint, the protesters retreated several tens of meters, but remained there until Saturday. Tear gas was also used at the Yarina checkpoint, where the Serbs also refused to disperse. The police of the self-proclaimed republic announced earlier that vehicles with Serbian registration plates would no longer be able to enter Kosovo, and temporary Kosovar plates should be installed at the entrance. The installation of license plates in the self-proclaimed republic provokes a negative reaction from the Serbs and forces them to spend money on temporary registration plates and waste time installing them. Earlier, new equipped containers for the work of customs and police personnel were delivered to checkpoints from Pristina, which alerted local Serbs. On February 17, 2008, the Kosovar-Albanian structures in Pristina unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. The self-proclaimed republic is not recognized by Serbia, Russia, China, Iran, Spain, Greece and a number of other states. In 2011, under pressure from the European Union, the Serbian authorities began negotiations with the Kosovo Albanian administration in Pristina. Lavrov told how Borrell persuaded Russia “not to work” in Africa


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