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Ukrainians abroad: how much does life in the Czech Republic cost?

In the Czech Republic, you will need twice as much money as in Ukraine.

There is an opinion that living in the countries of the European Union is much cheaper than in Ukraine due to higher salaries. Therefore, we decided to talk to a Ukrainian who has been living and working in the Czech Republic for about eight years on a par with the Czechs.

Lviv resident Roman Bilyk says that, having received his education in Ukraine, in 2013 he left for the Czech Republic to get a specialty there. “The advantage of education in the Czech Republic is free access to the labor market, which I have thanks to the Czech diploma,” the guy shares.

First, before traveling to the Czech Republic, Roman completed a six-month language course, since in state universities you can get education, regardless of citizenship, free of charge, but the training will be in the Czech language. The guy says that he chose between public and private universities and settled at the end on the specialty of international economics in a commercial institution.

Since I already had two higher educations in Ukraine, I was interested in the specialty of international economics at a commercial university, so the choice fell on him. The education system is very similar to the Ukrainian one, but the teachers are quite loyal. The student always has the opportunity to find time for a part-time job,
– Roman shares.

Work in the Czech Republic

“After graduating from the university, I started looking for a job in the banking sector. In the process of searching, I tried other directions, but was offered a job in IT support. The salary was interesting and I decided to try myself in this area, ”the guy says.

Subsequently, two years later, having gained experience, he moved to another company, where he has been working for almost five years. After eight years of living in Prague, having received a change in his work contract for a permanent home office, the guy moved to Karlovy Vary, where he now works.

Roman notes that if people open a work visa , then they are tied to a specific place of work, and in order to change jobs they must obtain permission (if they travel legally).

Work in IT

Now Roman works in IT support. An employee in this area can count on a salary of 45 thousand kroons (about 55.2 thousand hryvnias). We also asked about the country's minimum and average wages.

  • The average salary in the Czech Republic is 35 thousand crowns (almost 43 thousand hryvnias), but after paying the tax there will be about 28.3 thousand crowns (just over 34.7 thousand hryvnias), in Prague 40 thousand crowns (about 49 thousand hryvnias) and 32 thousand crowns (slightly more than 39 thousand kroons), respectively.
  • The minimum wage in the Czech Republic is 15.2 thousand kroons (about 18.6 thousand hryvnias), or 90 kroons (slightly more than 110 hryvnias) per hour.
  • The payroll tax is around 21%.

According to the data of the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), in the second quarter of 2021, the average salary in the Czech Republic before taxes was 38,275 kroons (almost 47 thousand hryvnias)


Travel by car. Roman says that a liter of A-95 gasoline costs 33 kroons (a little over 40 hryvnias). Note that in Ukraine the average cost of a liter of A-95 gasoline on September 22 was 30.19 hryvnia. We also decided to find out how much it will cost to buy your own car. According to the site Numbeo, to buy your own middle class car, for example Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW, will cost about 633 thousand hryvnia.

Public transport

A single ticket in the city of Prague is 32 kroons (about 39 hryvnias) for 30 minutes, in Karlovy Vary – 20 kroons (about 24 hryvnias) for 30 minutes. Also, tickets are divided into daily, three-day and weekly. The guy notes that all tickets and passes are valid for any public transport.

If someone plans to come for a long time, then it is convenient to make a travel card: there are registered and unnamed (expensive) ones. In Prague, I always took a monthly nominal – 36.5 thousand kroons (10 kroons per day),
– Roman shares.


  • The guy notes that the price of a movie ticket will depend on the movie and can vary from 100 to 200 kroons (within 122 to 245 hryvnias).
  • According to Roman, a rest in a restaurant can cost about 500 – 600 crowns (about 613 – 736 hryvnias), but the last time a check in a restaurant for two cost him 2.7 thousand crowns for two (a little more than 3.3 thousand hryvnias).

Mobile communications and internet

Roman says that mobile communications and the Internet in the Czech Republic are among the most expensive in Europe. If you just replenish your SIM card, then you can keep within 250 kroons (almost 307 hryvnias). This starter package will include calls, SMS on the network and 1.2 gigabytes of Internet.

Home Internet

In the Czech Republic, home internet connection is usually free, and a modem is often offered with an installment plan. That is, every month you pay some extra along with the main payment, says Roman. The price of the Internet with a speed of 20 megabytes per second will start from 250 kroons per month.

Now he uses 5G internet at a speed of 50 megabytes per second. On it, he spends 400 kroons (about 500 hryvnia) per month and pays another 50 kroons (about 61 hryvnia) for an antenna in installments. However, he says that it was possible to immediately pay 6 thousand crowns for it (about 7.3 thousand hryvnias), but the option to pay in installments is more convenient for him.


In the Czech Republic, if you are officially employed, the insurance is deducted from your salary. The main state-owned insurance company in the Czech Republic is called VZP . Standard social insurance, as in Ukraine, emphasizes the guy.

He says it covers all referral examinations from a therapist. As well as emergency care. Roman has dealt with doctors during this time and twice treated ear pains without a referral and the insurance covered all costs.

Commercial health insurance

The guy says that those who are not officially employed can buy insurance from a subsidiary of PVZP. Its price will start at 15 thousand kroons (almost 18.4 thousand hryvnia).

Housing and utilities

As for rental housing, in the Czech Republic it depends on the region, and due to the coronavirus, rental prices have fallen dramatically, since most of the apartments that were rented by the day went into long-term rent, says the Ukrainian.

The average price of a one-room apartment in Prague is 11 thousand kroons (about 13.5 thousand hryvnias), excluding utilities, according to a Ukrainian.

Communal payments

Utility bills for a one-room apartment will vary from 2 to 2.5 thousand kroons (2.4 to 3 thousand hryvnia) . Roman notes that everything depends on the house, since the renovation fund in old houses can be very high.

Now the guy lives in a two-room apartment and utility bills cost him 4.5 thousand crowns (water, electricity, heating, elevator, corridor, garbage and so on, but another thousand crowns – a swimming pool, saunas, a gym in the house and a thousand crowns – reception, security). “That is, in fact, the communal apartment itself is 2.5 thousand crowns,” says Roman.

The cost of living in the Czech Republic

  • Grocery basket . The guy says that if you cook at home, the weekly costs will be 500 – 600 kroons (within 613 – 736 hryvnia). In general, he spends somewhere between 1 – 1.5 thousand kroons per week on a friend (about 1.2 – 1.8 thousand hryvnia).
  • Housing and the Internet : mortgage – 12 thousand kroons (a little more than 14.7 thousand hryvnia), utility bills and the Internet – about 5 thousand kroons (about 6.1 thousand hryvnia).
  • Additional costs . A guy spends about 20-25 thousand crowns a month on entertainment, leisure, meeting with friends in an institution, and so on (within 24.5-30.7 thousand hryvnias).

According to the Numbeo website, the cost of living index in Ukraine is 29.78, and in the Czech Republic – 49.97. That is, in the Czech Republic you will need twice as much money as in Ukraine. The quality of life index in the Czech Republic is also higher (158.33 versus 107.86, respectively).


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