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Results of elections in Germany announced: how the preferences of Germans have changed

The total voter turnout was 76.6%.

In Germany, the votes were counted in all constituencies. Therefore, the preliminary result of the vote in the Bundestag was announced, reports with reference to.

The total voter turnout was 76.6%. As of 6:00 on September 27, votes were counted in all 299 constituencies.

Election results in Germany

The victory, as evidenced by the calculations, went to the Social Democratic Party (SPD) – 25.7% of the vote.

In second place is the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – 18.9%.

The Greens received 14.8% of the vote, the Free Democratic Party (FDP) – 11.5%, and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) – 10.3%.

How seats in the Bundestag will be allocated

The Bundestag consists of 598 members, taking into account deviations caused by the calculation procedure. The newly elected German parliament will consist of 735 members. Despite the fact that the previous Bundestag, after the elections in 2017, consisted of 709 deputies. Consequently, the number of deputies from the initial figure will increase by 137.

  • Social Democratic Party (SPD) – 206 deputies;
  • Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – 151 deputies;
  • The Greens – 118 deputies;
  • Free Democratic Party (FDP) – 92 deputies;
  • Alternative for Germany (AfD) – 83 deputies;
  • Christian Social Union – 45 deputies;
  • Party of the Left – 39 deputies;
  • “Association of Voters of South Schleswig” – 1 deputy.

The Federal Election Committee will determine and announce the final official election result on Friday 15 October 2021 at an open session in the Bundestag in Berlin.

Elections in Germany: Essentials

  • In Germany on September 26, elections were held for the new composition of the Bundestag.
  • A record number of parties took part in the voting – 47.
  • More than 60 million Germans could vote.
  • Some of them voted by mail, as did Angela Merkel.
  • In a few weeks, parliamentarians can vote for a new chancellor.


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