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Student from Turkmenistan helped save more than 20 people during shooting in Perm

PERM, 26 sep. During the shooting at Perm State University, a student from Turkmenistan helped a group of more than 20 people quickly evacuate off campus. Suddenly he heard the sound of gunshots, students ran past him screaming. In front of Sabyrov's eyes, a guard was wounded. Victims and families of those killed during the shooting in a Perm university received payments “Ovezberdi understood that it was extremely unsafe to stay in place, he had to look for an emergency exit. The student gathered his Turkmen and Russian friends, at the same time taking everyone who was nearby, and led towards building seven.” , – says the message on the website of the educational institution. In the building number 7, the group of students was shown an evacuation exit. Thus, Sabyrov was able to take more than 20 people out into the street.

“Once next to the emergency exit of building seven, the student saw that he would not be able to run out first and call for help as soon as possible: there were too many people at the exit.

Sabyrov ran off campus, warned passers-by about the danger and called the police. research university. First-year student Timur Bekmansurov opened fire in the building, six people were killed, 47 were injured. During the arrest, he resisted, as a result of which he was seriously injured, he was hospitalized. A criminal case was initiated on the murder of two or more people. Bekmansurov faces up to 20 years in prison or life imprisonment. Metropolitan Hilarion proposed to ban the sale of weapons


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