Peskov spoke about the appointment of Zhamnov to the post of head coach of the national team

MOSCOW, 28 Sep. The situation in Russian hockey will become clear after the championship in Beijing, the main thing is that it does not get worse than in football, said the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov. The Russian Ice Hockey Federation (FHR) announced on Tuesday that the expert council had recommended the appointment of Zhamnov as chief coach of the Russian national team for preparation and participation in the Olympic Games-2022 in Beijing. Valery Bragin and Oleg Znarok should be included in its headquarters as consultants. 10: 59Hockey Zhamnov commented on his appointment as the head coach of the Russian national team “Whether it is a disaster or not a disaster, we will learn at the championship. And of course, it is not our prerogative to practice national ice hockey, although it is a very popular sport, and he is really loved by the head of state. But let's do this: the main thing is that it does not get worse in hockey than in football, “Peskov told reporters in response to a request to comment on the situation with the Russian national hockey team and the candidacy of a coach.

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