GENERICO.ruWorldThe Foreign Ministry expressed concern about the aggravation of the situation in Kosovo

The Foreign Ministry expressed concern about the aggravation of the situation in Kosovo

MOSCOW, 28 Sep. Russia is concerned about the situation in the self-proclaimed Kosovo, events are developing according to a scenario from bad to worse, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. … “The Balkans are flaring up again.” How the confrontation in Kosovo will turn out “We emphasize once again: NATO forces for Kosovo and the EU's rule of law mission have the necessary mandates to prevent lawlessness, and therefore bear full responsibility for protecting civilians, ensuring peace and security. the administration in Pristina in order to force it to recall the security forces from the north of Kosovo and prevent the situation from diving into open conflict, “says her commentary posted on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Serbs, compactly living in northern Kosovo, began a peaceful protest at the checkpoint on September 20. Yarine “, located on the road from Pristina to Belgrade on the administrative line between central Serbia and the autonomous province. There, as well as at the Brnjak checkpoint on the road from Kosovska Mitrovica to Novi Pazar and at two other points in the north of Kosovo, fighters of the ROSU, a subdivision of the Kosovo Interior Ministry, were stationed. According to the Serbian leadership, the Kosovo special forces entered the north of the region with 350 soldiers, 20 armored vehicles and snipers. Local media on Friday posted a video of Mi-35 helicopters flying in the area near the Yarine checkpoint from central Serbia, and MiG-29 fighters were also seen in the sky on Saturday and Sunday. Vucic named the condition under which Serbia will react to the escalation in Kosovo


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