GENERICO.ruWorldThe Pentagon has created a group of destroyers to counter Russian submarines

The Pentagon has created a group of destroyers to counter Russian submarines

WASHINGTON, 28 Sep. The Pentagon has created a task force of destroyers on the east coast, which is designed to ensure the rapid deployment of ships in the event of countering the threat from Russian submarines in the Atlantic Ocean, writes the profile publication of the US Naval Institute USNI News. The group was named Greyhound. “The ships will be ready for the full range of tasks. , including tracking Russia's underwater activity in the Atlantic and defending our country, “said Rear Admiral Brendan McLain, Commander of the US Navy's Atlantic Surface Forces. The group included” the two most efficient destroyers “: Thomas Hadner and Donald Cook. … In January, the destroyer Sullivans, which is now deployed as part of the British aircraft carrier group, will join them. In 2022, when Thomas Hadner is undergoing maintenance, the group will include the destroyers Cole and Gravely. The ships will be based at the naval bases of Mayport and Norfolk in Virginia. They will carry out operations and exercises in the Atlantic. China protested over the passage of US Navy ships off Taiwan and continue to develop their capabilities to keep the country under threat, “McLain said. In 2018, due to a” surge in Russian submarine operations in the Atlantic “, the United States re-established a second navy fleet in the United States. Fleet Commander Vice Admiral of the US Navy Andrew Lewis previously announced a steady increase in the activity of Russian submarines in the Atlantic Ocean. America's east coast is no longer a safe haven, he argues. The Russian Navy will receive seven warships by the end of the year


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