Yermak spoke about the progress of the investigation into the assassination of Shefir

The United States and Great Britain are assisting in the investigation.

The head of the President's Office said that the United States and Great Britain are helping to investigate the crime. He also explained that the shelling of the car “caused a furious reaction” among friends and partners, reports with reference to.

Andriy Yermak is convinced that they will find out “who was behind this.” The head of the OP told about this on the air of the Freedom of Speech program.

US and UK help investigate crime – Ermak

Yermak said that the crime caused a violent reaction – “we received many calls with words of support from our friends and partners.”

Many have offered to help. And today our law enforcement officers are cooperating with the United States and Great Britain,
– assured the head of the OP.

He is also convinced: “We will find out who was behind this.” Yermak added that behind this there are forces that do not want reforms in the country, as well as an end to the war and clearing the country of criminals.

By the way, on September 25, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevgeny Yenin said that the killers could have used a silencer. Moreover, they are quite rare cartridges made in Hungary in 1989. They were created on the basis of the Soviet 7.62 caliber cartridge. And this bullet has a soft core.

Briefly about the shelling of Sergey Shefir's car

  • Sergey Shefir is the first assistant and friend of Vladimir Zelensky. His car was fired upon on the morning of September 22 between the villages of Kruglik and Khodosovka in the Kiev region.
  • The chefir was not hurt. However, his driver was injured and was driving. He was operated on.
  • Now the doctors of Feofania said that “his condition corresponds to the severity of the injuries he received. He continues treatment and will continue. “
  • The police named 2 versions of the incident: an attempt to put pressure on the leadership of the state, destabilization of the political situation.

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