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Foreign Ministry calls the removal of RT channels an unprecedented information aggression

MOSCOW, 28 Sep. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the removal of RT channels on YouTube a manifestation of censorship.

“The German-language projects of the Russian media holding RT were subjected to an act of unprecedented information aggression on the part of YouTube video hosting, committed with the obvious connivance, if not at the insistence of the German side,” the message says.

Also, the diplomatic department noted the need to take retaliatory measures against the German media in Russia. in interference in the internal affairs of our country, it seems not only appropriate, but also necessary.Taking into account the repeated calls ignored by the German side to return to the fulfillment of its international obligations in the field of protection of media rights and freedom of speech, we consider such measures to be the only possible way to stimulate the interest of partners in a constructive and meaningful dialogue around this unacceptable situation, “the message says. measuring platform Tubular Labs, RT DE was the fourth most influential German-language media channel, beating Deutsche Welle and “other German giants”. In June, he scored 21 million views. She advocated the imposition of sanctions against the YouTube video service itself, “at least out of self-respect,” and called the incident a real media war. Roskomnadzor sent a letter to Google demanding “to remove all restrictions from the channels as soon as possible. “RT DE” and “Der Fehlende Part.” The ministry stressed that the actions of the administration of YouTube are considered an act of censorship. They also recalled that if the requirement to unblock YouTube channels is ignored, a fine of up to a million rubles could be imposed, and if a refusal is repeated, up to three million. The German government refused to answer the question about the closure of RT accounts According to her, “this is a wild but predictable result of the open pressure of the authorities of the neighboring FRG on the Luxembourg side, as evidenced by the numerous statements of German officials.” The situation with the Russian media in the West has become more and more complicated in recent years. In November 2016, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the need to counter Sputnik and RT. Vladimir Putin, commenting on this document, congratulated the journalists of the publications on their productive work. At the same time, he noted that the situation speaks of an obvious degradation of ideas about democracy in Western society. Zakharova harshly responded to the removal of German RT channels on Youtube


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