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The consequences of postcoid syndrome are named

MOSCOW, 29 Sep. Alexey Vodovozov, a physician of the highest category, a member of the Club of Science Journalists, spoke about the duration and possible consequences of postcoid syndrome in an interview with radio Sputnik. Headaches, weakness, memory impairment – these symptoms sometimes begin to bother people who have recovered from COVID-19, some time after recovery … Doctors view them as manifestations of the postcoid syndrome. A significant number of patients face such malaise, even those who have suffered a coronavirus infection quite easily, noted Aleksey Vodovozov. Physicians are still monitoring and figuring out how long postcoid syndrome can last, he added. “Basically, it does not flow very long, about four weeks, but in a significant number of those who have recovered, at least a third, all symptoms persist for twelve weeks or longer, “said Vodovozov. Names of foods that should not be consumed with postcoid syndrome Postvoid syndrome can lead to additional undesirable consequences. The doctor named two possible options for the development of events. “The first is an exacerbation of existing chronic diseases that a person could have forgotten about. Second, some pathologies may appear from scratch that did not exist before, and apart from the symptoms of postkovid,” he warned Vodovozov: According to the doctor, there is evidence that there is a link between vaccination against coronavirus infection and the duration of postcoid syndrome. That is, if a person who has been vaccinated is vaccinated, his condition will improve faster. “There is statistics that when a person has been ill with COVID-19, and then vaccinated, then either the manifestations of the post-covid species decrease or disappear altogether. So far this has not been confirmed in large-scale studies, but information is accumulating all over the world. If so, then this would be an additional argument in favor of vaccinating those who have been ill, “said Vodovozov. The brain doesn't work as it used to. Post-ovoid syndrome will be studied in Russia


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