Dasha Kvitkova and Nikita Dobrynin went to Barcelona to “save the marriage”

The couple arranged romance without a child.

The star couple of Dasha Kvitkova and Nikita Dobrynin is going through a crisis after the birth of their first child. The couple allegedly did not have enough time for each other, so she often quarreled. To improve relations, bloggers flew to Barcelona, reports with reference to.

The winner of “The Bachelor” Dasha Kvitkova admitted that a weekend in Spain is her husband's idea. She did not hesitate for a long time and left her 3-month-old son with her mother.

Over the weekend, my husband took me on a date to Barcelona so that we could be alone and feel the romance in a relationship again,
– shared the blogger.

According to Kvitkova, both had the impression that this was their first date. Nikita Dobrynin brought his wife coffee to bed, treated him to sweets, took him to the sea and showed the most beautiful locations in Barcelona.

Of course, Dasha Kvitkova and Nikita Dobrynin were covered with a wave of guilt for leaving their tiny son with their grandmother. However, the star explained: in Barcelona, they saved the marriage, because after the birth of Leo, their couple was “in a zone of turbulence.”

“We are the best parents for our son. He is better when his parents are together, calm and not hysterical. Than when dad and mom quarrel, sort things out, get nervous and shout, “the blogger wrote.

The relationship of Nikita Dobrynin and Dasha Kvitkova after the birth of their son

  • A weekend in Barcelona is not their first trip to Europe as a parent. In September, he and Lev flew to Paris. It seems that this trip was also intended to improve relations between the spouses.
  • Returning to Ukraine from France, Dasha Kvitkova admitted that the appearance of her son changed their marriage – “the quarrels doubled, the resentment was very eaten,” because while she was sitting with the baby, Nikita Dobrynin starred in a travel show.

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