Facebook recognized “khokhloma” as an insult

MOSCOW, October 14. The American social network Facebook has blocked the post of Vitaly Yegorov, a Russian journalist and founder of the Open Space community. He announced this on his page in the social network and cited screenshots as confirmation. “Colleagues, authors who write about x **** mu on the Roscosmos rocket. Keep in mind that Facebook hates her. So he writes:” hatred. ” ! “, – noted Egorov. In a blocked post, the blogger tried to comment on the news that Roskosmos painted a Soyuz rocket under Khokhloma in honor of the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod. Facebook considered that the publication “violates community norms regarding hostile speech and insults.” The author of the post was also warned that in case of repeated violations of these norms, additional restrictions could be applied. Later, Egorov said that Facebook unblocked the post and apologized for the incident. Khokhloma is a Russian folk craft that appeared in the village of Khokhloma, Kostroma province (now located in the Nizhny Novgorod region Earlier, the former Russian national football team player, head coach of the Volgograd “Rotor” Dmitry Khokhlov filed a lawsuit against the American company Facebook due to the fact that the social network began to regard any mention of his name as “a disdainful name for representatives of the Ukrainian nation.” According to respondents, RIA Novosti experts, social networks owned by Facebook do quite often impose temporary blocks on accounts that publicly use the word “crest” and its derivatives.

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