“Home Alone” decided to reshoot: the first trailer

And literally everything in it raises questions.

Sometimes Hollywood's strategy raises bewildering questions. Of course, remakes of famous films, in particular, comedies, have the right to life. But it is unlikely that anyone in their right mind would think (although, who knows, maybe they will come) to make a remake of Chaplin's comedies without Chaplin or Harold Lloyd without Lloyd.

The same can be said for the films Home Alone (1990) and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), with their great cast.

Firstly, the brilliant, without exaggeration, Joe Pesci played there, a worthy pair for whom was the second bandit performed by the textured Daniel Stern.

Secondly, 10-year-old Macaulay Culkin ideally fell into the role of a kind of tucked-up child with an angelic appearance, who is pushed around by everyone in the family – all the more unexpected is his transformation into an inventive winner of two robbers. And we are not talking about the gags, which in the second film have generally reached perfect perfection – let us at least recall the dive of the hero Pesci to extinguish his hair, head into the toilet, where young Calkin had previously poured a combustible mixture.

Even if we consider all this to be a subjective opinion, that is, objective figures. The first film in the Home Alone franchise grossed $ 476 million, the second – almost $ 359 million, and the third, with new actors, only $ 79 million. And this is not to mention the fourth and fifth films, which were not released at all, but only on TV. …

Again, one can argue that the third, fourth and fifth films were filmed without reference to the first two, and the new tape will be exactly a remake of the first – but what can be seen in the trailer is not impressive yet.

Unless the new film was shot in accordance with the “new political correctness” – the main character is no longer a blond “angel” like Culkin, but, let's say, a “body-positive boy” with glasses, and one of the two robbers is a woman. But they have to do almost the same thing on the screen, and it's like telling the same anecdote a second time in a familiar company.

True, usually in this case at least one person in the company will laugh. Check out November 12th when the movie hits Disney +.

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