Italy expressed its intention to support the recognition of “Sputnik V” in the European Union

MOSCOW, October 14. Italy will not recognize the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine at the national level without the consent of the European Union, but intends to do everything possible to speed up the procedures for the recognition of the drug in European institutions, Italian Ambassador to Russia Giorgio Starace told RIA Novosti. No. It would be difficult for us to follow the path followed, for example, by Hungary. We are very closely integrated into the European Union, we are an important member of it and we respect the regulatory procedures within the European Union, “Starace said, answering the question whether the Italian authorities are planning to recognize the Russian Sputnik V vaccine at the national level. Mexico hopes that Sputnik will soon be approved by WHO “But I want to emphasize that we will do our best to push forward the decision to recognize Sputnik V vaccine in Brussels. Let's see what happens. Of course, Italy will play its role in technical consultations. The decision is made by specialized institutions, but we want the process to accelerate. The faster it goes, the better, “the ambassador added.

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