Media: US under Biden will not impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2

WASHINGTON, Oct 14 The US administration will not impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline during the presidency of the current head of state Joe Biden, according to Politico. sanctions. However, the Biden administration has made it clear that no restrictions will be imposed during the Biden presidency, the newspaper writes, citing sources. Previously it was reported that Cruise is delaying the approval of 59 American ambassadors in an attempt to push the US administration to take more decisive action against the Russian export pipeline Nord Stream 2 “. Politico notes that he is now delaying the appointment of seven ambassadors. Cruz is the author of the toughest sanctions against Nord Stream 2. He is dissatisfied with the fact that the Biden administration has freed some of the key participants in the project from restrictions, has come to terms with its existence and now proposes to focus on minimizing the negative consequences for Europe's energy security. Europe has come up with a way to bypass restrictions on Nord Stream 2 Washington, interested in the supply of its own liquefied natural gas to the EU, actively opposed the project during the construction phase, and now proposes to focus on minimizing negative consequences for Europe's energy security. For example, in July, the United States actually recognized the inevitability of completing the gas pipeline by publishing a joint statement with Germany, which formulated a number of conditions for the operation of Nord Stream 2. In particular, the United States and Germany stated that in the interests of Ukraine and Europe, the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine should continue after 2024, and Berlin undertakes to use all available levers to facilitate the extension of the gas transit agreement between Ukraine and Russia for up to 10 years. Representatives of the US Congress earlier adopted a defense budget, which provides for tougher sanctions against Russia. The budget includes, in particular, amendments on new sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which the US President is proposed to introduce no later than 15 days after the final adoption of the bill against persons who plan, build and operate the pipeline. stop mentioning Nord Stream 2 in the context of any politicization, since this is a commercial project, it is beneficial to both Russia and the European Union. October 11, 11:09 China accused the United States of trying to suppress Nord Stream 2

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