Nadia Dorofeeva first showed a scar on her chest: the star survived the operation

The singer had a benign tumor removed.

Popular Ukrainian singer Nadia Dorofeeva shared a story she hadn't told before. She admitted that for 4 years she hid the scar on her chest from fans. This scar is a consequence of the operation that the star underwent due to a tumor.

On the occasion of the Day without a bra, the famous Ukrainian singer Nadia Dorofeeva released a frank message. In it, she admitted that she had hidden a scar on her chest for 4 years.

Nadia Dorofeeva spoke about the tumor

The performer said that all the time she tried to hide and disguise this scar. However, only now she decided to show it and share the recognition.

I never told you that there is a scar on my chest. All this time I covered it with foundation, hid it under my clothes, masked it in every possible way … and only recently I accepted and fell in love,
– wrote the star.

Nadya Dorofeeva added that the scar on her chest is a reminder that 4 years ago she had an operation to remove a tumor in the mammary gland – fibroadenoma.

Reference. Fibroadenoma is usually a predominantly painless and benign breast tumor. It resembles a solid lump, but is not filled with liquid. Most often, fibroadenomas occur in women between the ages of 14 and 35.

The singer stressed that it is extremely important for women to do regular examinations and check their health.

The artist's subscribers were shocked by the unexpected news. At the same time, they noted that it is important for the stars to share this with the audience:

  • “This is a very important and necessary message”;
  • “This is a really important post on an important topic. Thank you for such honest words ”;
  • “Nadia, thank you for sharing with us and telling us, this is really important: to follow and check”;
  • “You know, as they say, 'scars decorate'”;
  • “I understand perfectly … I had the same thing when I was younger. And I also constantly mask the scar. But when I stopped paying attention to it, I just forgot about it. “

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